«Milega: a professional translation agency for your E-commerce and E-tourism websites»

We offer highly responsive customized services with a 100% quality guarantee, backed by our quality certificates.

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Trust and Proximity: The Key to Success

Do you have a commercial website? When it comes to e-commerce or e-tourism, trust and proximity are the keys to your success.
That’s why we offer:

  • Native-language messaging, because communicating in the language of your target audience creates a sense of security ;
  • Accurate content, because a single error can drive away your users and bring down your sales ;
  • Powerful results, because Milega makes every effort to provide you with cost-effective services ;

Localized translation

We go beyond merely translating websites, and never translate literally. In our eyes, translation equates to localization. We adapt your content to the specific linguistic, cultural, and technical needs of your target market.

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Milega not only guarantees native, qualified, and localized translations, but also combines translation and creativity. Our aim is to elicit an effective response from your potential customers.

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Legal translation

The translation of your contractual documents affects consumer trust and can be a true asset. Milega works with law firms to deliver accurate translations.

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Optimized (SEO) translation

By providing optimized translations, we equip you with everything you need to boost your visibility on search engines, resulting in more visits to your site and higher sales.

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Optimized (SEO) web content

We offer content optimized for your site to boost your online visibility, increase the number of visits to your website, and drive up your sales.

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Quality audit

Taking advantage of your competitors’ strengths can prove to be a highly effective strategy. That’s why we provide quality audits of the translations used by your competitors.

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Technical translation

To successfully internationalize your website, we take into account the technical considerations of your target languages. We work with professionals in your sector to translate your content most effectively.

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Turnkey site translation

We have specific expertise in translating PrestaShop and Magento websites. With this skill set, we are well qualified to integrate your content for the best results.

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Keyword matching search

Having your website translated into several languages opens the door to international markets and increases your revenue. That’s why we offer a relevant keyword matching search service.

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Why choose Milega?

«Quality support for powerful results that live up to your international requirements.»

Your customers would prefer to spend money on a trusted site that communicates in their native language.

To sell internationally, it is important to create a climate of trust and a feeling of proximity. That’s exactly what Milega provides.

Custom service

Our translators, web specialists, and technical experts offer custom consulting and monitoring for your project.

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Support with internationalization

We understand your industry and have all the tools needed to optimally manage your multilingual site.

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Guaranteed visibility

We offer optimized content for better SEO and higher rankings in search engine results.

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Milega: An E-Commerce Translation Agency

To accommodate and provide an efficient response to the growth of websites selling products online, Milega has developed expertise in e-Commerce.

  • Customized pricing: Attractive rates as low as €0.05/word, depending on volume, combined with long-term multilingual collaboration.
  • Specific expertise: Turnkey translations in web format (XML, HTML, and PHP) for Magento and PrestaShop websites, delivered as integration-ready files.
  • Solid variety: More than 45 available languages and 380 native-language translators.
  • An effective response: We can build teams of over 10 translators per language for emergencies and ongoing availability for updates to your product pages.
  • A network of qualified partners: A translation agency specializing in e-commerce, with operations in more than 40 countries.

«With solid expertise in translation, we offer certified, tailored linguistic services for the internationalization of your website.»